What are veneers and what are the advantages?

Ceramic veneers - ultra-thin onlays replacing the outer layer teeth. Veneers allow you to correct irregularities in the shape and color of the tooth. As a result, the restored tooth gains strength and does not differ from the rest of the teeth. Veneers are made to fit in the shape, color of the patient's teeth and wishes.

Most often, veneers are used in the presence of defects in the zone of a smile.
Most often, veneers are used in the presence of defects in the zone of a smile.

The main advantages of veneers are:

• correction is carried out in a short period of time;
• the restored teeth look aesthetically pleasing and very natural;
• durable materials are used for manufacturing, and therefore micro prostheses serve for a long time;
• veneers retain their shape and color - additional whitening is not required;
• veneers protect teeth; the installation procedure is painless.

Installation of veneers: are there any precautions I should be aware of?

This restoration technique allows solving a number of problems in relation to:

• Pronounced discoloration of the enamel;

• The presence of chips or large interdental spaces;

• Erosion of tooth enamel;

• Defects resulting in extensive lesions of hard tissues;

• Crowding incisors, their abnormal shape.

Veneers can also be placed in the absence of dental problems.
They are an alternative to dental whitening because
allow you to create the so-called "Hollywood white smile".

The patient is to be professionally cleaned prior to restoration to correctly determine the shade of tooth enamel.