Diagnostics is the first and most important part of the treatment process.

Treatment process depends on timeness and accuracy. It is important to use the most modern innovative equipment.

• CT machine of the latest generation ORTHOPHOS SL (Dentsply Sirona, Germany), which makes it possible to carry out ultra-precise, highly efficient diagnostics.

“What exactly do we want to know by doing this research?”

Indication: any planning of dental treatment: endodontic, periodontal, orthodontic, orthopedic, surgical, implant.

The resulting image allows you to examine the structure of the teeth and canals, increase the size of the image, enhance the contrast, determine the condition of the bones and identify inflammatory processes in the early stages, and monitor the quality of treatment.

• Intraoral scanner Primescan (Dentsply Sirona, Germany), 3D Scanning allows you to take electronic impressions without using impression trays and masses, which are inconvenient for the patient, which in turn makes it possible to produce crowns, inlays, veneers with maximum digital
precise fit to the tooth, which ensures the durability of the structure and its aesthetics.

Photo documentation
Photo documentation

Dental photography at a dental appointment - a standard stage of consultation and treatment, sometimes as necessary as an X-ray or anesthesia.

Successful dental treatment is the result of the work of several specialists. Dental photography is a means of more accurate communication between a dentist and a dental technician, it allows you to convey all the nuances of the shape, color, transparency of teeth, individual features of the gum pattern. And also in order to fix the initial clinical picture,
to demonstrate to the patient problem teeth, the situation in the oral cavity at each stage of treatment, as well as the final result of dental treatment.

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