Oral hygiene is the key to dental health. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to brush your teeth correctly, which toothpastes are best, and many other vital aspects related to teeth and gums.

Professional dental hygiene

Nevertheless, those people who care for proper oral hygiene, it is highly recommended to visit their dentist at least once every six months. Our clinic can offer you an observation of all modern principles of professional oral cavity hygiene, the main and final goal of which is to teach the patients to brush their teeth correctly, take care of their oral cavity thus reducing the risk of dental diseases.

Today we use ultrasonic scaling to remove dental plaque, which is characterized by high efficiency and speed. Air Flow is also used by our specialists. Air Flow is a modern waterjet technology that allows you to effectively clean teeth and dental prostheses from plaque, tartar, that assist in prevention from various diseases and helps to achieve natural brightening of tooth enamel. Air Flow tool kit does not cause hypersensitivity, does not leave scratches on the enamel and is absolutely harmless to your teeth. Apparatus is also used to prepare the tooth surface for subsequent whitening.

Professional hygiene is a complex of procedures aimed at improvement of organs and tissues of the oral cavity and prevention of the occurrence and the progression of dental diseases.

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