Implantation is an advanced dental technique of restoration of functions and aesthetic qualities of teeth. Dental implantation is a surgical manipulation, when, instead of the lost one (several or even all) teeth, the doctor installs an implant, and attaches a crown to it.

Who needs dental implantation?
It should be noted that the situation with tooth loss should not be underestimated. This leads not only to the deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of the smile itself. Nature does not tolerate with emptiness:

• The lack of at least one of the teeth leads to a displacement of the dentition, which ultimately irreversibly changes the bite and even the jaw line!
• Moreover, pieces of food entering the resulting space can cause caries or periodontitis of adjacent teeth.
• Finally, the load during the chewing process begins to thin the bone tissue of the gums - in the future this will lead to the fact that implantation will require bone grafting, which means the increase of the risk of complications during surgery.

What can we say about the loss of several or even all of the teeth - quality of life begins to fall down rapidly, involving stomach and intestines in the process.

Modern implant systems are able to completely restore the dentition painless and permanent.

Installation of dental implants
Installation of dental implants

Implantation, even with minimal intervention, is an operation, therefore carrying out of which consists of several stages:

• planning and diagnostics;
• patient preparation;
• placement of implants and a short recovery period.

All patients, without exception, will need professional cleaning of the mouth cavity. Implantation is in any case accompanied by surgical intervention, therefore, the risk of bacteria getting into the tissue incision should be minimized.

In our practice we use Swiss Straumann implants - Number 1 in the world!

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