It's no secret that teeth - not capable of self-healing, i.e. to regeneration, which is why orthopedists come to the rescue - dentists who carry out diagnostic measures and are looking for methods of restoring the integrity of the tooth that are suitable for the patient. In dental orthopedics, this is called prosthetics.

It is true to say that patients come to visit an orthopedic dentist with their free will. Unwillingness to regularly undergo preventive examinations at the dentist doctor, neglect of basic hygiene rules - all these unremarkable factors lead to decay, loss of teeth, and appearance of cracks. It is possible to solve the problem and return what was lost only when assistance to orthopedic dentistry.

Competent treatment and the use of modern materials allows you to create an individual smile style for each patient. Accordingly, the basis of this section of dental care are various types of dental prosthetics, such as the following:

• veneers;
• ceramic inlays and onlays;
• prosthetics on implants;
• stump tabs;

Sorriso Dental Studio is one of the few dental clinics in Kiev, with its own dental laboratory, which significantly reduces the time required to manufacture the orthopedic structures.

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