Hollywood smile - white, flawless and radiant!

Achievements of modern dentistry make it possible to make an advertising dream come true. Tooth enamel reflects all our habits, including harmful ones: coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, and poor hygiene.

However, dentists have tools in their arsenal that will bring back a shining smile. What is teeth whitening, how does this procedure take place, what is it contraindications and what effect should I expect?

Teeth whitening - a dental procedure for changing the shade of a tooth enamel. Teeth whitening belongs to the field of cosmetic dentistry and practically has no contraindications.

In our practice, we use the method of professional teeth whitening using the American BEYOND Polus system, which is based on the LightBridge ™ technology. Before the procedure, the gums are isolated with a special material, then a gel is applied to the frontal group of teeth, which is activated under the action of a lamp, which in turn changes the color of your teeth)

Teeth whitening procedure is very individual and requires preliminary consultation with a specialist and carrying out oral hygiene.

Patients who try to avoid visits to the dentist, but dream about a charming smile, often try to whiten their teeth with the help of an activated coal, soda, hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice. However, these and others dubious means that are actively recommended on the Internet, are not effective, and can be dangerous for the teeth due to the risk of cracks and damage to the enamel.

Professional hygiene performed by a specialist - removing plaque and dental stone, treatment of interdental spaces, teeth polishing, application fluorine-containing preparations for enamel strengthening, in combination with competent whitening - will give you that very healthy smile, which is pleasant to show to the world!

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