Periodontium is the complex of tissues that surround and hold a tooth. Accordingly, the inflammation of these tissues in medicine is called periodontitis. In a process of its progression, the dental disease destroys the ligaments of your tooth and bone tissue of the jaw. In the future, the teeth begin to loosen and fall out, the abscesses and fistulas can occur as a result. .

Periodontitis is a complex and rather dangerous dental disease that can lead to significant problems, such as: discomfort while eating, unpleasant breath or even loss of teeth. At the same time, specialists find it rather difficult to recognize periodontitis in the initial stages, fortunately, there is nothing impossible for the professionals!

What causes periodontitis and how can I know if I have this disease?

• poor or insufficient dental care

Periodontitis can occur for several reasons: poor or insufficient dental care; hereditary predisposition to this disease.

Aggravating factors that can contribute to the progression of periodontitis are proven to be: smoking, and diseases: diabetes mellitus, etc. The initial symptoms of periodontitis are: bleeding of gums, discomfort while eating, unpleasant breath, loose teeth, sometimes - viscous saliva, plaque on the teeth.

Have you noticed any of those symptoms?

Do not put that aside, call your doctor immediately! The faster you make the decision to visit a dentist, the more proper and better quality treatment you will receive. What do we do in our clinic:
treatment, you need to see a doctor.

• After the elimination of the periodontitis, we also give recommendations, how to avoid the occurrence of the disease in the future;

• Treatment of periodontitis in our clinic is quick and painless, even if you need surgery

• And, most importantly, after the treatment, pretty soon you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest, leaving aside all complexes and continuing your daily routine without any limitations.
forgetting about complexes and not limiting yourself.

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